Sentence Examples

  • If you are using an outdoor cat repellent to deter your own cats from entering areas or climbing on items where you don't want them, you should combine these repellents with behavioral training.
  • Many times you will see herbs like Pennyroyal or Tea Tree oil; these are used for their flea repellent properties and are very effective in helping your pet stay pest free all season long.
  • If experience develops incompatibility of temper or some other mutually repellent characteristic, separation follows as a matter of course.
  • If the worship of Siva, despite the purport of his chief symbol, seems on the whole less liable to produce these undesirable effects than that of the rival deity, it is doubt- less due partly to the real nature of that emblem being little realized by the common people, and partly to the somewhat repellent character of the "great god," more favourable to evoking feelings of awe and terror than a spirit of fervid devotion.
  • Zeno and Chrysippus had introduced a repellent technical terminology; their writings lacked every grace of style.