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Another word for all right

  1. Of moderately good quality but less than excellent

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  1. It is so; as you say or ask

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Another word for all right

  1. Adequately

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  2. Yes

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  3. Suitable

      1. that can be allowed; permissible
      1. Being in keeping with a situation; appropriate.
      2. The act of trying on clothes whose fit is being adjusted.
      3. A small detachable part for a machine or apparatus.
      1. Suitable for a particular person, condition, occasion, or place; fitting.
      2. To set apart for a specific use:
      3. To take possession of or make use of exclusively for oneself, often without permission:
      1. Characterized by appropriateness or suitability; fitting:
      2. Called for by rules or conventions; correct:
      3. Strictly following rules or conventions, especially in social behavior; seemly:
  4. Adequate

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  5. Uninjured

  6. Certainly

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  7. Correct

      1. Conforming with or conformable to justice, law, or morality:
      2. In accordance with fact, reason, or truth; correct:
      3. Fitting, proper, or appropriate:
      1. Clearly expressed or delineated; definite:
      2. Exact, as in performance, execution, or amount; accurate or correct:
      3. Strictly distinguished from others; very:
      1. Strictly and completely in accord with fact; not deviating from truth or reality:
      2. Characterized by accurate measurements or inferences with small margins of error; not approximate:
      3. Characterized by strict adherence to standards or rules:
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  8. *Reliable

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  9. *Excellent

      1. Being positive or desirable in nature; not bad or poor:
      2. Having the qualities that are desirable or distinguishing in a particular thing:
      3. Serving the desired purpose or end; suitable:
      1. Very large in size, extent, or intensity:
      2. Of a larger size than other, similar forms:
      3. Large in quantity or number:
      1. The first, highest, or best group in a system of classification:
      2. The most luxurious and most expensive class of accommodations on a commercial airplane, train, passenger ship, or other conveyance.
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