Sentence Examples

  • Contrary to popular belief, kosher wine is not necessarily boiled or brought up to near-boiling temperatures as some think…wines that go through that process are called "Mevushal" and can be handled, poured and opened by any non-Jew.
  • Kohn's Kosher Market - The Kohns began their market in the 1960s as a local grocery store, but quickly grew regionally to service the Jewish communities outside of their home state of Missouri.
  • For more information on where to purchase beef that is both organic and kosher, contact your neighborhood grocer who may be able to order the meat or point you toward a local farmer.
  • Not only is there a wide range of menu options, but the highly trained chefs can easily prepare meals for diabetic, low fat, kosher, gluten-free, low sodium, or lactose-free diets.
  • Judging from his blog that went something like "We fight every night and that's not Kosher" and "You act like you're ten," there was evidently no Cupid's Chokehold on the couple.