Sentence Examples

  • While some merchants only sell gift cards in specific denominations, other merchants allow the purchasers to designate the amount of the gift as long as it falls within the merchant's minimum and maximum allowable amounts.
  • It was agreed that "lay assistants" were allowable, but only in cases of necessity.
  • The act had always been accounted allowable in the school, if circumstances should call for it: indeed, the first three teachers had found such circumstances.
  • As has been remarked above, the terror of postbaptismal sin and the fact that only one restoration was allowable influenced many as late as the 4th century to remain catechumens all their lives, and, like Constantine, to receive baptism on the deathbed alone.
  • It is allowable to deceive an enemy by fabricated despatches purporting to come from his own side; by tampering with telegraph 1112Ssages; by spreading false intelligence in newspapers; by sending pretended spies and deserters to give him untrue reports of the numbers or movements of the troops; by employing false signals to lure him into an ambuscade.