Sentence Examples

  • AllSeasonGear Top: A great all-round top for the active boy in any season.
  • As people get tired of watching Wimbledon, they decide to try the sport out for real.What most of the people who head out to the courts this summer won't realize, however, is that a game of tennis is an excellent all-round workout.
  • We take it that the machine has already been regulated by means of the impression screws at the respective ends of the cylinder for all-round or average work, and that any inequality of impression can be remedied by adding or taking away from the sheets on the cylinder.
  • Three of these, the American, Adair and Gallup, may be termed square frames, the others being oblong, but the latter shape appears to possess the most all-round advantages to the modern bee-keeper.
  • This revelation led to an all-round retrenchment, carried into effect with a drastic thoroughness which has earned for this parliament the name of the " Reduktion Riksdag."