Sentence Examples

  • In an open house setting, you don't need to worry about serving a plated meal, but do have a well-rounded menu, featuring both hot and cold selections such as shredded meat with buns or biscuits for sandwiches, salad items, and dessert.
  • Compost, typically made from a wide assortment of yard and kitchen scraps, is usually a well-rounded fertilizer that contains a balance of nutrients in addition to the microorganisms and organic matter necessary to keep soil healthy.
  • Also note that not all fantasy lingerie is wild and crazy, with leather, animal prints, and costumes so that you can keep your eyes open for more subtle "fantasy" material and have a more well-rounded lingerie collection.
  • In the interest of cultivating a successful therapeutic experience, it's a good idea to choose well-rounded programs that address a variety of developmental issues, particularly if your family member is new to treatment.
  • By developing a well-rounded diet and exercise plan, with cardio for weight loss as an integral part of the routine, it is possible to create a healthy lifestyle that will lead to many physical and emotional benefits.