Sentence Examples

  • This is great for posture, back safety and other areas not related to aesthetics, so think of it as an all-around good habit to give your abs at least one good workout per week.
  • Depending upon your personal preference, you can purchase your maternity bottoms in no belly, under belly, mid-belly, classic belly, miracle belly, or all-around belly styles.
  • With seven-time, All-Around World Champion bull rider Ty Murray teaching the stars about the finer points of holding on for dear life, it would seem that most would walk away with only minor bumps and bruises.
  • People like to have enough comforter to be able to either roll themselves up in it or to share with another person, so you may want to buy a comforter that can do double duty as an all-around blanket.
  • There are all-around performing arts camps that do a little bit of everything, as well as more specialized camps for just one performing art, such as acting or dancing.