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Another word for expansive

  1. Large in expanse

      1. Large in expanse
      2. Large in range or scope:
      3. Having enough or abundant space or room; large in area or extent:
      1. Designating or of farming in which large areas of land are used with minimum expense, resulting in a low yield per acre
      2. Having a wide scope, effect, influence, etc.; far-reaching; comprehensive
      3. Of or relating to the cultivation of vast areas of land with a minimum of labor or expense.
      1. Covering a wide scope; general:
      2. Full; open:
      3. Vulgar; ribald:
      1. Fully sufficient to meet a need or purpose:
      2. Large in size, extent, scope, etc.; spacious; roomy
      3. Of large or great size, amount, extent, or capacity:
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  2. Covering a wide scope

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  3. Disposed to be open, sociable, and talkative

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