Sentence Examples

  • Based on the original Diavolo fragrances for men and women, this interpretation aims to build on the intensity and drama and create an even more evocative, memorable spirit.
  • Helmut Newton: Arguably the most famous nude photographer ever, Helmut Newton's work is erotic and evocative, and often includes sado-masochistic undertones.
  • A design for a half sleeve in this style would incorporate nautical imagery, pin-up girls or other imagery evocative of the 1940s and '50s.
  • Buying cards that have an evocative picture and are blank inside is usually a great opportunity to combine the thoughtfulness of going out of your way to purchase something with the personalization of your sincere thoughts.
  • Brilliantly evocative and romantically designed, Ritani engagement rings capture the feminine essence and strength of character of the women who wear them.