Sentence Examples

  • Of zinc, all the gold and copper and some silver and lead will be alloyed with the zinc to a so-called gold - or copper - crust, and the residual lead saturated with zinc. By removing from the surface of the lead this first crust and working it up separately (liquating, retorting and cupelling), dore silver is obtained.
  • The learned hold the doctrine of Confucius, and Buddhism, alloyed with much popular superstition, has some influence.
  • A sheet iron case is then placed within the furnace, and the space between it and the walls rammed with limed charcoal; the interior is filled with fragments of the iron or copper to be alloyed, mixed with alumina and coarse charcoal, broken pieces of carbon being placed in position to connect the electrodes.
  • This is so when gold and silver are alloyed with each other, and is true in the case of alloys of copper.
  • Neville proved that when one metal is alloyed with a small quantity of some other metal, the solidification obeys the law of F.