Sentence Examples

  • In the drawing of character, in the invention of felicitous phrase, in the contrivance of verbal music, he is deficient.
  • A rosz szomszed (The Bad Neighbour), by Charles Vadnay (1878), is a felicitous representation of the power of love.
  • She is the subject of a beautiful poem by Longfellow, "Santa Filomena," and the popular estimate of her character and mission was summed up in a particularly felicitous anagram, Flit on, cheering angel.
  • That the remains exhibit variety and fertility, that there are in them numerous happy strokes of humour and satire, and many felicitous phrases and descriptions, is true, but the art is on the whole heavy, awkward and forced, and the style rudely archaic and untasteful.
  • His arguments were felicitous, and his choice of language was the theme of constant admiration.