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Another word for improper

  1. Not in keeping with conventional mores

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Synonym Study

  • Indecent is used of that which is regarded as highly offensive to morals or modesty indecent exposure
  • Indelicate implies a lack of propriety or tact and connotes immodesty or coarseness an indelicate anecdote
  • Indecorous refers to that which violates propriety or good taste in behavior, speech, etc. his indecorous interruption of their chat
  • Unbecoming applies to that which is inappropriate to a certain kind of person, his character, etc. his rigid views are most unbecoming in a teacher
  • Unseemly applies to that which is improper or inappropriate to the particular situation her unseemly laughter at the funeral
  • Improper , the word of broadest application in this list, refers to anything that is not proper or suitable, esp. to that which does not conform to conventional standards