Sentence Examples

  • A wrongful foreclosure can also be caused when a mortgage servicer (the company hired by the lender to collect the mortgage payment) or a new owner of your mortgage loan does not understand the details of your loan.
  • The emotional wrongful death case of actor John Ritter, most well known for his role as Jack Tripper on the sitcom Three's Company, came to an end today with the jury clearing the doctors of any wrong doing.
  • Eventually, after having threatened to bring an action for wrongful imprisonment, Legate was tried before a full Consistory Court in February 1612, was found guilty of heresy, and was delivered to the secular authorities for punishment.
  • The perfect man thus described will not be angry with the wrongdoer; he will only pity his erring brother; for anger in such a case would only betray that he too thought the wrong-doer gained a substantial blessing by his wrongful act, instead of being, as he is, utterly ruined.
  • He energetically pressed the Panama prosecution, so much so that he was accused of having put wrongful pressure on the wife of one of the defendants in order to procure evidence.