Sentence Examples

  • 64) that to constrain or coerce a personal being is to treat him as an inanimate agent; for such a principle is quite inapplicable to cases of mere terrorism, whilst it may be doubted if it even renders the sense of the savage magician's typical notion of his modus operandi, viz.
  • Yet he has written nothing so characteristic of Vaucluse as to be inapplicable to any solitude where there are woods and water.
  • 1 The common names given to this bird are so very inapplicable that it is a pity that "silerella" (from ssler, an osier) bestowed upon it by Sir T.
  • In Any Case It May Be Remarked That Formulae Such As Those Of Jamin, Henrichsen, Baumgartner, Winkelmann Or Dieterici, Which Give Far More Rapid Rates Of Increase Than That Of Regnault, Cannot Possibly Be Reconciled With His Observations, Or With Those Of Reynolds And Moorby, Or Callendar And Barnes, And Are Certainly Inapplicable Above Loo° C.
  • We learn also that on account of the variation of g with the locality a gravitational system of force-measurement is inapplicable when more than a moderate degree of accuracy is desired.