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Another word for related

  1. Connected by or as if by kinship or common origin

Another word for related

  1. Connected

Synonym Study

  • Affiliated usually suggests alliance of a smaller or weaker party with a larger or stronger one as a branch or dependent several companies are affiliated with this corporation
  • applied to things, connection through inclusion in the same category allied sciences
  • Allied , applied to persons, suggests connection through voluntary association
  • Cognate now usually applies to things and suggests connection because of a common source cognate languages
  • Kindred suggests blood relationship or, in extension, close connection because of similar nature, tastes, goals, etc. we are kindred souls
  • applied to things, close connection through common origin, interdependence, similar character, etc. related subjects
  • Related , applied to persons, implies close connection through consanguinity or, less often, through marriage we are related through our mothers