Sentence Examples

  • Its constitutional origin was analogous to that of the star chamber and the court of requests.
  • The double cyanides of cobalt are analogous to those of iron.
  • Both these kings were slain by .Ceadwalla in the following year, but shortly afterwards the Welsh king was overthrown by Oswald, brother of Eanfrith, who reunited the whole of Northumbria under his sway and acquired a supremacy analogous to that previously held by Edwin.
  • In preparing lead plaster by boiling olive oil with oxide of lead and a little water - a process palpably analogous to that of the soap-boilerhe obtained a sweet substance which, called by himself " Olsiiss " (" principium dulce oleorum "), is now known as " glycerin."
  • For the Italian republic, between Napoleon and Pius VII., analogous to the French concordat; abrogated.