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Another word for correlative

  1. Something closely resembling or analogous to something else

      1. The condition of being parallel; near similarity or exact agreement in particulars; parallelism.
      2. The condition of being parallel; conformity in essential points
      3. Any of the imaginary lines representing degrees of latitude that encircle the earth parallel to the plane of the equator.
      1. Two or more persons or things that go together in appearance, size, or other quality
      2. A slender piece of wood, cardboard, waxed cord, etc. tipped with a composition that catches fire by friction; esp., a safety match
      3. A pair, each one of which resembles or harmonizes with the other:
      1. A copy or duplicate, as of a lease
      2. A person or thing that corresponds to or closely resembles another, as in form or function
      3. One of two parts that fit and complete each other.
      1. A person or firm acting for, or having regular business relations with, another at a distance
      2. A person hired by a newspaper, radio or television network, etc. to furnish news, articles, newscast segments, etc. of a certain type or from a distant place
      3. One who communicates by means of letters, e-mails, or other forms of written messages.
      1. Either of a pair of things related by a correlation; a correlative
      2. Either of two interrelated things, esp. if one implies the other
      1. A person or thing of the same kind, class, race, or genus
      2. (Chemistry) A compound produced in the same process that produces another, often structurally similar compound.
      3. A substance, formed in an alcoholic beverage during fermentation or distillation, that gives the beverage its characteristic flavor, color, etc.
      1. A thing or part that is analogous
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