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Another word for corresponding

  1. In keeping with one's needs or expectations

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  2. Possessing the same or almost the same characteristics

      1. Being the same as or consonant with another or others:
      2. Always the same; not varying or changing in form, rate, degree, manner, etc.; constant
      3. Having the same form, appearance, manner, etc. as others of the same class; conforming to a given standard
      1. (Geom.) Having the same shape, but not the same size or position
      2. Having a resemblance in appearance or nature; alike though not identical.
      3. (Mathematics) Having corresponding angles equal and corresponding line segments proportional. Used of geometric figures:
      1. Equally distant from one another at all points.
      2. Extending in the same direction and at the same distance apart at every point, so as never to meet, as lines, planes, etc.
      3. (Hyperbolic geometry) said of a pair of lines: that they either do not intersect or they coincide
      1. Having almost or exactly the same qualities, characteristics, etc.; similar; equal
      2. Clarendon
      3. Similar.
      1. Equal in quantity, value, force, meaning, etc.
      2. (Mathematics) Capable of being put into a one-to-one relationship. Used of two sets.
      3. Being essentially equal, all things considered:
      1. Worthy of comparison
      2. Admitting of comparison with another or others:
      3. Similar or equivalent:
      1. Similar or comparable in certain respects
      2. (Biol.) Similar in function but not in origin and structure
      3. Similar or alike in such a way as to permit the drawing of an analogy.
      1. Having close resemblance; similar:
      2. Having resemblance or similitude; similar; without difference.
      3. Like one another; showing resemblance; similar
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Another word for corresponding