Sentence Examples

  • Apparently the parasites may remain quiescent in the blood for years and may cause relapses by fresh sporulation.
  • But in every case these artistic efforts were followed at short intervals by gross relapses into barbarism which reflect the anarchy of the political conditions.
  • Then the history relapses into the business vein and tells of the debates which took place as to the best means of carrying out the vow after the count's decease, the rendezvous, too ill kept at Venice, the plausible suggestion of the Venetians that the balance due to them should be made up by a joint attack on their enemy, the king of Hungary.
  • A Nearly all were relapses of previous infection.
  • The spring level rises, so that water can be reached by digging only a few feet, and the land, soured and water-logged, relapses into barrenness.