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Another word for mutual

  1. Having the same relationship each to the other

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  2. Belonging to, shared by, or applicable to all alike

      1. Of, concerning, or affecting the community or the people:
      2. Maintained for or used by the people or community:
      3. Capitalized in shares of stock that can be traded on the open market:
      1. A place or part at which two or more things are joined.
      2. A way in which two or more things are joined:
      3. A point of articulation between two or more bones, especially such a connection that allows motion.
      1. Concerned with, applicable to, or affecting the whole or every member of a class or category:
      2. Affecting or characteristic of the majority of those involved; prevalent:
      3. Of or affecting the entire body:
      1. Joined together; combined:
      2. Of, consisting of, or involving two or more combined or associated entities; joint.
      1. Of or relating to a commune.
      2. Of or relating to a community.
      3. Of, belonging to, or shared by the people of a community; public.
      1. Belonging equally to or shared equally by two or more; joint:
      2. Of or relating to the community as a whole; public:
      3. Widespread; prevalent:
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Another word for mutual

  1. Reciprocal

  2. Common

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Synonym Study

  • Common simply implies being shared by others or by all the members of a group our common interests
  • Reciprocal implies a return in kind or degree by each of two sides of what is given or demonstrated by the other a reciprocal trade agreement or may refer to any inversely corresponding relationship the reciprocal functions of two machine parts
  • Mutual may imply an interchange of feeling between two persons mutual admiration, mutual enemies, or a sharing jointly with others the mutual efforts of a group