Sentence Examples

  • - Mainly colonial, rarely solitary corals, with radial septa, but bilateral arrangement indicated by persistence of a main septum.
  • 19, 7), thus initiating yet another bilateral symmetry.
  • (b) Tentacles with a bilateral arrangement, branched tentacles in addition to simple filiform ones; type of Branchiocerianthus.
  • As a result, the Coelomata, and with them the Mollusca, present (in the first instance) the general condition of body known as bilateral symmetry; the dorsal is differentiated from the ventral surface, whilst a right and a left side similar to, or rather the complements of, one another are permanently established.
  • Their bilateral symmetry is obviously to be regarded as primitive, and the nervous system shows an original condition from which that of the asymmetrical twisted Gastropods can be derived.