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Another word for give-and-take

  1. A settlement of differences through mutual concession

      1. An arrangement of the parts of a work of art so as to form a unified, harmonious whole
      2. An agreement, or settlement, often by compromise, as by the creditors of a potential bankrupt
      3. (Law) A settlement whereby the creditors of a debtor about to enter bankruptcy agree, in return for some financial consideration, usually proffered immediately, to the discharge of their respective claims on receipt of payment which is in a lesser amount than that actually owed on the claim.
      1. (Architecture) The gradual sinking of a building. Fractures or dislocations caused by settlement.
      2. The act or process of settling:
      3. An arrangement or agreement reached, as in business proceedings or negotiating a dispute:
      1. A means of communication that reaches the general public and, often, carries advertising
      2. A specific kind of artistic technique or means of expression as determined by the materials used or the creative methods involved:
      3. (Physics) A substance that propagates energy or signals through space via changes in its own state:
      1. An adjustment of opposing principles, systems, etc. by modifying some aspects of each
      2. A weakening or reduction of one's principles or standards:
      3. The result of such a settlement.
      1. The composition as thus adapted
      2. The condition, manner, or result of being arranged; disposal:
      3. A settlement or adjustment, as of a dispute, difference, etc.
      1. The act of accommodating or the state of being accommodated; adjustment.
      2. The act of making or endorsing an accommodation paper
      3. Reconciliation or settlement of opposing views.
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