Sentence Examples

  • South-west of the city of Manitowoc, is St Nazianz, an unorganized village near which in 1854 a colony or community of German Roman Catholics was established under the leadership of Father Ambrose Oswald, the primary object being to enable poor people by combination and cooperation to supply themselves with the comforts of life at minimum expense and have as much time as possible left for religious thought and worship. The title of the colony's land was vested in Father Oswald after the panic of 1857 until his death in 1874, when he devised the lands to "the colony founded by me."
  • In the far higher duty of cooperation he had failed miserably.
  • They were also in favour of a closer cooperation with the German democratic element in the State.
  • But Cambon soon came to the conclusion that the security of France depended upon the triumph of the Mountain, and he did not hesitate to accord his active cooperation to the second committee.
  • The hope of achieving parliamentary cooperation on the basis of such loyal declarations as these soon vanished.