Sentence Examples

  • Does the beading caused by welding create a blockage?
  • Atherosclerosis-A disease process whereby plaques of fatty substances are deposited inside arteries, reducing the inside diameter of the vessels and eventually causing damage to the tissues located beyond the site of the blockage.
  • In order to make the case for a higher price tag, high-performance shades nearly always advertise enhancing features such as the percentage of UV blockage, polarization, mirroring, and scratch resistant coating.
  • The result may be a narrowing (stenosis) or blockage of blood vessels, interrupting the essential flow of blood and oxygen to the heart, brain, abdominal organs, and peripheral circulation to the arms and legs.
  • Willingness to work with sleep doctors - Your sleep doctor can provide your sleep dentist with the particulars of your sleep disorder as well as details about the amount of blockage in your airway during sleep.