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Another word for fusion

  1. Something produced by mixing

      1. A yarn or fabric made of two or more different fibers, often of different colors
      2. A combination of ingredients, kinds, etc.
      3. A mixing or being mixed
      1. A product of mixing; mixture
      2. A mixing or being mixed
      3. A mixture of ingredients packaged and sold commercially:
      1. A merging
      2. The act or an instance of merging:
      3. (Linguistics) A type of sound change where two or more sounds merge into one.
      1. The act or process of mixing.
      2. The result of mixing; a mixture.
      3. A mixture
      1. The act of blending:
      2. (Linguistics) A word produced by combining parts of other words, as smog from smoke and fog.
      3. The result of blending; a mixture or merger of varieties, kinds, types, etc.
      1. A consolidation or merger, as of several corporations.
      2. The production of a metal alloy of mercury.
      3. The result of amalgamating; mixture, blend, merger, etc.
      1. Any alloy of mercury with another metal or other metals
      2. A combination of diverse elements; a mixture:
      3. A combination or mixture; blend
      1. Something that is produced by mixing; a mixture:
      2. (Epilepsy) a mixture composed of entities retaining their individual properties.
      3. A mixture, in some contexts
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Another word for fusion

  1. A melting

  2. Unification

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