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Another word for disconnection

  1. The act or process of detaching

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Another word for disconnection

  1. Separation

      1. A unit of troops separated from a larger unit for special duty
      2. Absence of prejudice or bias; disinterest:
      3. (Countable) Any smaller portion of a main body separately employed.
      1. The state of being separated or divided.
      2. A place of division or separation; dividing point or line
      3. The act or process of separating or dividing.
      1. The state of being disunited; separation.
      2. Lack of unity; discord
      3. The breaking up or ending of union; separation
      1. (Chemistry) The splitting of a complex molecule, such as a polysaccharide, into simpler molecules.
      2. (Mineralogy) The splitting or tendency to split of a crystallized substance along definite crystalline planes, yielding smooth surfaces.
      3. (Mineralogy) The tendency of some minerals to break in definite planes, producing smooth surfaces
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  2. Break