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Another word for discussion

  1. A meeting for the exchange of views

      1. An informal discussion held especially by a group of people with similar concerns.
      1. A council or meeting of Native Americans, sometimes with people from other communities.
      2. A conference or gathering, as of business people.
      3. A Native American shaman.
      1. A course of study for a small group of students in a college or graduate school, often entailing research under the guidance of a professor.
      2. The group of students in such a course.
      3. A scheduled meeting of such a group.
      1. A discussion or conference, especially one between enemies over terms of truce or other matters.
      2. To have a discussion, especially with an enemy.
      1. A meeting for consultation or discussion.
      2. An exchange of views.
      3. A meeting of committees to settle differences between two legislative bodies.
      1. An informal meeting for the exchange of views.
      2. An academic seminar on a broad field of study, usually led by a different lecturer at each meeting.

Another word for discussion

  1. The act of considering in words

  2. A published consideration

      1. The act of proposing.
      2. A plan that is proposed.
      3. An offer of marriage.
      1. The act, manner, or method of handling or dealing with someone or something:
      2. The usual methods of dealing with a given situation:
      3. The use of an agent, procedure, or regimen, such as a drug, surgery, or exercise, in an attempt to cure or mitigate a disease, condition, or injury.
      1. A lengthy, formal treatise, especially one written by a candidate for the doctoral degree at a university; a thesis.
      1. The act of inquiring:
      2. A question; a query:
      3. A close examination of a matter:
      1. Firmness of purpose; resolve:
      2. A fixed intention or resolution:
      3. The ascertaining or fixing of the quantity, quality, position, or character of something:
      1. The act or process of investigating:
      2. A careful examination or search in order to discover facts or gain information.
      1. The effort to acquire knowledge, as by reading, observation, or research:
      2. An act or effort made in the pursuit of knowledge:
      3. A branch of knowledge or department of learning:
      1. The public square or marketplace of an ancient Roman city that was the assembly place for judicial activity and public business.
      2. A public meeting place for open discussion.
      3. A medium for open discussion or voicing of ideas, such as a newspaper, a radio or television program, or a website.
      1. The act of examining or the state of being examined:
      2. A set of questions or exercises testing knowledge or skill.
      3. A formal interrogation:
      1. The act of criticizing, especially adversely.
      2. A critical comment or judgment.
      3. The practice of analyzing, classifying, interpreting, or evaluating literary or other artistic works.
      1. The separation of an intellectual or material whole into its constituent parts for individual study.
      2. The study of such constituent parts and their interrelationships in making up a whole.
      3. A spoken or written presentation of such study: