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Another word for rap session

  1. A meeting for the exchange of views

      1. A council or meeting of Native Americans, sometimes with people from other communities.
      2. A conference or gathering, as of business people.
      3. A Native American shaman.
      1. A course of study for a small group of students in a college or graduate school, often entailing research under the guidance of a professor.
      2. The group of students in such a course.
      3. A scheduled meeting of such a group.
      1. A discussion or conference, especially one between enemies over terms of truce or other matters.
      2. To have a discussion, especially with an enemy.
      1. Consideration of a subject by a group; an earnest conversation.
      2. A formal discourse on a topic; an exposition.
      1. A meeting for consultation or discussion.
      2. An exchange of views.
      3. A meeting of committees to settle differences between two legislative bodies.
      1. An informal meeting for the exchange of views.
      2. An academic seminar on a broad field of study, usually led by a different lecturer at each meeting.