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Another word for confabulate

  1. To engage in spoken exchange

      1. To go to see or spend time with (someone); call on socially:
      2. To go to see in order to aid or console:
      3. To stay with (someone) as a guest.
      1. A casual talk; confabulation.
      2. To talk casually.
      1. To exchange thoughts or opinions in spoken or sign language; converse:
      2. To utter or pronounce words:
      3. To imitate the sounds of human speech:
      1. To produce words by means of sounds; talk:
      2. To express thoughts or feelings to convey information in speech or writing:
      3. To convey information or ideas in text:
      1. Verbal expression in speech or writing:
      2. Verbal exchange or conversation:
      3. A formal, lengthy treatment of a subject, either written or spoken.
      1. To engage in an exchange of thoughts and feelings by means of speech or sign language.
      2. To interact socially with others; associate.
      3. An interchange of thoughts and feelings by means of speech or sign language; conversation.
      1. To converse in an easy, familiar manner; talk lightly and casually.
      2. To participate in a synchronous exchange of remarks with one or more people over a computer network.
      3. An informal, light conversation.
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