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Another word for communion

  1. The exchange of ideas by writing, speech, or signals

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  2. Those who accept and practice a particular religious belief

      1. A group of people forming a distinct unit within a larger group by virtue of certain refinements or distinctions of belief or practice.
      2. A religious body, especially one that has separated from a larger denomination.
      3. A faction united by common interests or beliefs.
      1. The act of persuading or the state of being persuaded:
      2. The ability or power to persuade:
      3. A strongly held opinion; a conviction:
      1. Belief in God or in a set of religious doctrines.
      2. A set of religious doctrines; a body of dogma:
      3. Secure belief in God and a trusting acceptance of God's will viewed as a theological virtue.
      1. A large group of religious congregations united under a common faith and name, usually organized under a single administrative and legal hierarchy.
      2. One of a series of kinds, values, or sizes, as in a system of currency or weights:
      3. A name or designation, especially for a class or group.
      1. A building for public, especially Christian worship.
      2. The company of all Christians regarded as a spiritual body.
      3. A specified Christian denomination:
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Another word for communion

  1. Association