Sentence Examples

  • Miracles are at variance with the divine purpose; without miracles there could be no revelation" (Piinjer, History of Christian Philosophy of Religion since Kant, Engl.
  • Paul's attitude towards nepotism was at variance with his character as a reformer.
  • Further, since Socrates and the Socratics were educators, they too might be, and in general were, regarded as sophists; but, as they conceived truth - so far as it was attainable - rather than success in life, in the law court, in the assembly, or in debate, to be the right end of intellectual effort, they were at variance with their rivals, and are commonly ranked by historians, not with the sophists, who confessedly despaired of knowledge, but with the philosophers, who, however unavailingly, continued to seek it.
  • He was required to maintain the Protestant reformed religion and to suppress " all religion at variance with the gospel."
  • Discords must not be taken unprepared, because a singer can only find his note by a mental judgment, and in attacking a discord he has to find a note of which the harmonic meaning is at variance with that of other notes sung at the same time.