Sentence Examples

  • The attempt to solve the apparent incongruity of a perfect union of two complete and distinct natures in one person produced first Apollinarianism, which substituted the divine Logos for the human y ob's or 7rveuµa of Jesus, thereby detracting from the completeness of his humanity; and then Nestorianism, which destroyed the unity of Christ's person by affirming that the divine Logos dwelt in the man Jesus as in a temple, and that the union of the two was in respect of dignity, and furthermore that, inasmuch as the Logos could not have been born, to call Mary 9eororcos, " Godbearer," was absurd and blasphemous.
  • For instance, he employs rhyme in dealing with the most prosaic subjects, and thus produces the disagreeable effect of incongruity between style and matter.
  • It involves, moreover, the incongruity of supposing that thirty-seven years elapsed between Esau's marrying his Hittite wives (xxvi.
  • Standing their acknowledged morphological affinity with Cyanophyceae, or, in recognition of the incongruity of effecting such a separation, the whole group of the Schizophyta - that is to say, the Cyanophyceae in the narrow sense, together with Bacteriaceae, is included or excluded together.
  • That the third section belongs to a later stage of development and was added at a later date is shown by (a) the incongruity of vv.