Sentence Examples

  • She pulled back and shook her head at the absurdity of his entrance.
  • Plutarch remarked the fact that the Greek myths of Cronus, of Dionysus, of Apollo and the Python, and of Demeter, " all the things that are shrouded in mystic ceremonies and are presented in rites," " do not fall short in absurdity of the legends about Osiris and Typhon."
  • One capital argument of the Christians was the absurdity of a man making an idol and then being afraid of or adoring the work of his own hands.
  • Iii.32, 3) is inconsistent with both the previous statements regarding the " martyrdom " of Zoker and James, that they were cited as the only surviving Christian Davididae, and that the persecution on this ground collapsed through the manifest absurdity of the accusation.
  • Fechner was saved from this absurdity, but only to fall into the greater absurdity of his own panpsychism.