Sentence Examples

  • Let there be given the mean velocity V = 1/2 (V,+Vi) of a body whose weight is w, and let itbe required to determine the fluctuation of velocity Vi in, and the extreme velocities v1, v,, which that body must have, in order alternately to store and restore an amount of energy E.
  • By this fluctuation the pond asserts its title to a shore, and thus the shore is shorn, and the trees cannot hold it by right of possession.
  • The sensation of sound is produced by rapid fluctuation in the pressure of the atmosphere on the tympanum of the Charac- ear.
  • Brady could've lost it in the river, but she should still pick up some electromagnetic fluctuation, if he was anywhere except the bottom of the river.
  • The main divisions are as follows: Vital Statistics.-The following table institutes a comparison between the birth-rates per thousand of the population in the United Kingdom and certain other countries, at intervals (so far as possible) of five years, adding the figures for other years in specific years when there was a marked fluctuation: The number of marriages (a) and the proportion of persons married per thousand of the population (b) are thus shown: Emigration.-The following table shows the number of passengers, distinguishing English and Welsh, Scottish and Irish, who left the United Kingdom for extra-European countries in 1895, 1900 and 1905, and the total for 1909, and in certain other years in which the numbers show marked fluctuations: In 1909 the total number to British dominions was 163,594 and the total number to other extra-European countries was 125,167.