Sentence Examples

  • For means to open up communications with Peru by way of the river Bermejo.
  • The development of commerce is retarded by lack of communications; the country possesses no railways and few roads.
  • The ministries are as follows: (1) of the Imperial Court, to which the administration of the apanages, the chapter of the imperial orders, the imperial palaces and theatres, and the Academy of Fine Arts are subordinated; (2) Foreign Affairs; (3) War and Marine; (4) Finance; (5) Commerce and Industry (created in 1905); (6) Interior (including police, health, censorship and press, posts and telegraphs, foreign religions, statistics); (7) Agriculture; (8) Ways and Communications; (9) Justice; (10) Public Instruction.
  • He appeared much smaller on the communications viewer.
  • My communications capability is limited.