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Another word for secret

  1. Concealed from view

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  2. Existing or operating in a way so as to ensure complete concealment and confidentiality

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  3. Known about by very few

      1. Of or near the ear, or having to do with the sense of hearing
      2. Shaped like an ear or an earlobe; having earlike parts or extensions.
      3. Received by or spoken directly into the ear; private
      1. Not publicly or generally known; secret
      2. Containing information, the unauthorized disclosure of which poses a threat to national security.
      3. Entrusted with private or secret matters
      1. Relating to, known to, or coming from an exclusive group:
      2. Of or suited for the inside
      3. Known only to insiders; secret or private
      1. Not available for public use, control, or participation:
      2. Conducted and supported primarily by individuals or groups not affiliated with governmental agencies or corporations:
      3. Of or confined to the individual; personal:
      1. Secret; confidential.
      2. Secret, not spoken of (spoken of only in hushed whispers between insiders).
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  1. A means or method of entering into or achieving something desirable

      1. Something prepared from such directions; often specif., a milk preparation for feeding a baby
      2. (Mathematics) A statement, especially an equation, of a fact, rule, principle, or other logical relation.
      3. A fixed form of words, esp. one that has lost its original meaning or force and is now used only as a conventional or ceremonial expression
      1. (Basketball) An area at each end of the court between the baseline and the foul line and including the jump-ball circle at the foul line:
      2. Something that completes or holds together the parts of another thing, as the keystone of an arch or a roughened surface forming a secure base for plaster
      3. The principal tonality of a work:
      1. A road, way, or course for traveling; esp., a highway
      2. A fixed course or territory assigned to a salesperson or delivery person.
      3. A road, course, or way for travel from one place to another:
      1. A label or tag, as on a piece of merchandise, giving the size, color, price, quantity, etc.
      2. A legal notice to a person charged with a violation of law, especially a minor violation.
      3. A printed card or piece of paper that gives a person a specified right, as to attend a theater, ride on a train, claim a purchase, etc.
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Another word for secret

  1. Not generally known

  2. Operating secretly



Synonym Study

  • Underhanded implies a stealthiness characterized by fraudulence or deceit underhanded business dealings
  • Surreptitious connotes a feeling of guilt in the one who is acting in a furtive or stealthy manner she stole a surreptitious glance at him
  • Furtive adds to this connotations of slyness or watchfulness and suggests a reprehensible objective the furtive movement of his hand toward my pocket
  • Stealthy implies a slow, quiet secrecy of action in an attempt to elude notice and often connotes deceit the stealthy advance of the panther
  • Clandestine suggests that what is being kept secret is of an illicit, immoral, or proscribed nature their clandestine meetings in the park
  • Covert implies a concealing as by disguising or veiling a covert threat
  • Secret , the general term, implies a concealing or keeping from the knowledge of others, for whatever reason my secret opinion of him