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Another word for concealment

  1. The habit, practice, or policy of keeping secrets

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Another word for concealment

  1. Act or means of concealing

      1. (Uncountable) A state of concealment.
      2. The act of one that hides
      3. The condition of being hidden
      1. Anything that covers
      2. Something that covers, so as to protect or conceal.
      3. (Uncountable) Action of the verb to cover.
      1. A shape or coloring that conceals:
      2. The disguising of troops, ships, guns, etc. to conceal them from the enemy, as by the use of paint, nets, or leaves in patterns merging with the background
      3. Fabric or a garment dyed in splotches of green, brown, and tan, used for camouflage in certain environments.
      1. The substance thus released, including digestive juices, hormones, and perspiration
      2. A process in which a gland, tissue, etc. produces a biochemical and releases it into the organism for special use by the organism or for excretion
      3. The process of secreting a substance, especially one that is not a waste, from the blood or cells:
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  2. Hiding place

      1. The act of so lying in wait to attack
      2. A sudden attack made from a concealed position.
      3. Those hiding in order to attack by surprise:
      1. A place of refuge or rest; a sanctuary.
      2. A harbor or anchorage; a port.
      1. (--- Electronics) A structure or arrangement of metal plates or mesh designed to protect a piece of electronic equipment from electrostatic or magnetic interference.
      2. Any material or structure used for protection against radiation
      3. A decorative emblem that often serves to identify an organization or a government.
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