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Another word for sly

  1. Deceitfully clever

  2. Trickily secret

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Another word for sly

  1. Crafty


Synonym Study

  • Wily implies the deceiving or ensnarement of others by subtle stratagems and ruses wily blandishments
  • Foxy suggests slyness and craftiness that have been sharpened by experience a foxy old trader
  • Tricky suggests a shifty, unreliable quality rather than cleverness at deception tricky subterfuges
  • Crafty implies an artful cunning in contriving stratagems and subtle deceptions a crafty diplomat
  • Cunning implies a cleverness or shrewd skillfulness at deception and circumvention a cunning plot
  • Sly implies a working to achieve one's ends by evasiveness, insinuation, furtiveness, duplicity, etc. a sly bargain