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Another word for closet

  1. To enclose so as to hinder or prohibit escape

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Another word for closet

      1. (Chiefly British) A pantry.
      2. (Archaic) A cupboard, locker, or pantry
      3. A niche or cabinet, usually near the altar of a church, for keeping holy oil or other sacramental materials.
      1. A place where hats, coats, packages, or other items can be stored temporarily.
      2. A room in which hats, coats, baggage, parcels, etc. may be left in safekeeping until called for
      1. A private lounge adjacent to a legislative chamber.
      2. A room where hats, coats, umbrellas, etc. can be left temporarily
      3. A room where coats and other articles may be left temporarily, as in a theater or school.
      1. A person who walks in, as to a clinic, without an appointment
      2. A walk-in closet, apartment, etc.
      3. One who arrives for or wishes to get something, such as a service, without having an appointment or reservation.
      1. A type of cupboard, cabinet, or wardrobe - originally used for storing weapons.
      2. A large, often ornate cabinet or wardrobe.
      1. A printing press.
      2. The haste or urgency of business or matters:
      3. The communications media considered as a whole, especially the agencies that collect, publish, transmit, or broadcast news and other information to the public:
      1. A closet, wardrobe, or chest in which to keep clothes
      2. A receptacle for clothes.
      3. A chest, closet, or wardrobe in which clothes are kept.
      1. A supply of food; provisions
      2. A place where the food supplies of a household are kept; pantry
      3. A cool room in a domestic house where food is stored; a pantry
      1. A larder or buttery
      2. A small room or closet, usually off a kitchen, where food, tableware, linens, and similar items are stored.
      1. A room used for storage.
      2. A room in which things are stored.
      1. (Informal) A state of being held in abeyance.
      2. Storage of perishable foods, furs, etc. in a very cold place, esp. in a refrigerating chamber
      1. A secure room, often with individual safe-deposit boxes, for the safekeeping of valuables or money, as in a bank
      2. A piece of gymnastic equipment with an upholstered body used especially for vaulting.
      3. A room or space, such as a cellar or storeroom, with arched walls and ceiling, especially when underground.
      1. A metal container usually having a lock, used for storing valuables.
      2. A container or box, capable of being locked and usually of metal, in which to store valuables
      3. A repository for protecting stored items, especially a cooled compartment for perishable foods:
      1. Anything used to contain or hold something else; container; vessel
      2. A container that holds items or matter.
      3. An electrical wall outlet designed for use with a plug
      1. A heavily insulated refrigerated cabinet, compartment, or room for storing frozen foods.
      2. A small, usually metal compartment that can be locked, especially one at a gymnasium or public place for the safekeeping of clothing and valuables.
      3. A chest, closet, compartment, drawer, etc., usually of metal, which can be fastened with a lock, esp. such a container for individual or specified use
      1. A closet or cabinet with shelves for holding cups, plates, food, and the like
      2. A closet or cabinet, usually with shelves for storing food, crockery, and utensils.
      3. An enclosed storage space with a door, usually having shelves, used to store crockery, food, etc.
      1. A temporary cessation of the customary activities of an engagement, occupation, or pursuit:
      2. A period in the school day during which students are given time to play or relax.
      3. A temporary withdrawal from or halting as of work, business, or study
      1. A body of persons appointed by a head of state or a prime minister to head the executive departments of the government and to act as official advisers.
      2. (Archaic) A small or private room set aside for a specific activity.
      3. A case or cupboard with drawers or shelves for holding or storing things
      1. The clothing one owns or needs, often for a specific purpose such as work.
      2. A tall cabinet, closet, or small room built to hold clothes.
      3. A closet or movable cabinet, usually relatively tall and provided with hangers, etc., for holding clothes
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