Sentence Examples

  • The disks fall down the tube G to a receptacle on the floor.
  • C, invaginated head of Cysticercus cellulosae, showing the bent neck and receptacle r; X 30.
  • The female flower consists of a cup-like receptacle, inseparate from the ovary, and bearing at its upper part a bract and two bracteoles.
  • In the male flower the receptacle is "concrescent" or inseparate from the bract in whose axil it originates.
  • The creator, or the divine intellect, with a view to the form of the good, and taking all forms as models, creates in a receptacle (vir080x i, Plato, Timaeus, 49 A) individual impressions which are called things but really change and become without attaining the permanence of being.