Sentence Examples

  • The "qualified" congregations were gradually absorbed, though traces of this ecclesiastical solecism still linger.
  • The later "c-w-µ€v was at first a solecism, an attempt to conjugate a " verb in µ.c " like the " verbs in w."
  • The Gospel and the First Epistle are written in correct and flowing Greek, and there is not a barbarism, a solecism, or a provincialism in them; whereas the Greek of the Apocalypse is inaccurate, disfigured by unusual or foreign words and even at times by solecisms."
  • Associating the nude solely with the performance of menial tasks, he deemed it worse than a solecism to transfer such subjects to his canvas, and thus a wide field of- motive was closed to him.
  • The solecism in the Preface to the Adonais, " My known repugnance to the narrow principles of taste on which several of his earlier compositions were modelled prove at least that I am an impartial judge," would probably have been corrected by the poet if his attention had been called to it; but the two first ones, with others, cannot be thus regarded.