Sentence Examples

  • But for now, I want to leave you with a preposterous thought: In the future, a new Mercedes Benz will cost just $50.
  • And if any man was to be put in the preposterous position of a secular Bible, no writer was fitter for it than Aristotle.
  • The witan cbose the earl as king without any show of doubt, though the assent of the Mercian and Northumbrian earls must have been half-hearted: Not a word was said in favor of the claim of the child Edgar, the heir of the house of Alfred, nothing (of course) for the preposterous claim of William of Normandy.
  • It was of course impossible that the nation or the baronage 5hould accept such a preposterous rgime, and Edward was soon involved in.
  • They proffered peace to King Henry, ledge and offered to recognize his preposterous claim to the French throne, on condition that he should marry France.