Sentence Examples

  • Anyone with a telephone can call you and offer you an unbelievable deal on steak knives or magazines, or claim to be associated with the local sheriff's organization.
  • This can unfortunately bring down the quality of the acting because the personality traits of a character or a certain situation can be so unbelievable, it is hard to make it seem convincingly real.
  • Some people may really have unbelievable stories or lives, so make sure to take in all the information you can when trying to decide if what you're being told is honestly the truth.
  • Considering so many celebrities have hopped aboard the perfume bandwagon and added their names to everything from perfume to lipstick, it almost seems unbelievable that a trailblazer like Madonna would not have done it first.
  • The weather in the region is cooler, and fish, animals and flowers are less abundant at these times, but you'll still be treated to unbelievable view of Alaska's natural wonders, including the Aurora Borealis.