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Another word for phenomenal

  1. Composed of or relating to things that occupy space and can be perceived by the senses

      1. Possible to be treated as fact; real or concrete:
      2. (Law) Relating to or being property of a physical nature, such as land, objects, and goods.
      3. Exhibiting physical, touchable form; capable of being perceived by sight and by touch.
      1. Belonging to substance; actually existing; real; as, substantial life.
      2. With regard to essential elements; in substance
      3. Of, relating to, or having substance; material.
      1. Having senses; capable of receiving sensation; sensitive
      2. Easily perceived or noticed; marked; striking; appreciable
      3. That can cause physical sensation; perceptible to the senses
      1. Of nature and all matter; natural; material
      2. Having a physiological basis or origin:
      3. Of or relating to material things:
      1. Determined by and emphasizing the features and characteristics of the object, or thing dealt with, rather than the thoughts and feelings of the artist, writer, or speaker
      2. Relating to or being an indicator of disease, such as a physical sign, laboratory test, or x-ray, that can be observed or verified by someone other than the person being evaluated.
      3. Of or relating to a material object, actual existence or reality.
      1. Of or concerned with the physical as distinct from the intellectual or spiritual:
      2. Of, relating to, or affecting physical well-being; bodily:
      3. Being both relevant and consequential; crucial:
      1. Of a material nature; tangible:
      2. Of, for, or having the nature of, the body; physical; bodily; not spiritual
      3. Of a material nature; perceptible by the senses; tangible
      1. Made of hard, strong, conglomerate construction material.
      2. Having a material, perceptible existence; of, belonging to, or characterized by things or events that can be perceived by the senses; real; actual
      3. Relating to nouns, such as flower or rain, that denote a material or tangible object or phenomenon.
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  2. So remarkable as to elicit disbelief

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Another word for phenomenal