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Another word for fantastical

  1. Appealing to fancy

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  2. Existing only in the imagination

      1. Characterized by vision or foresight.
      2. Having the nature of fantasies or dreams; illusory.
      3. Existing in imagination only; imaginary.
      1. Not real or substantial; illusory.
      2. So remarkable as to elicit disbelief; fantastic.
      3. Surreal.
      1. Of, containing, or being a notion; mental or imaginary.
      2. Speculative or theoretical.
      3. Understood in terms of semantic content rather than grammatical structure. The word did is notional in We did the work and relational in We did not agree.
      1. Having existence only in the imagination; unreal.
      2. Of or being the coefficient of the imaginary unit in a complex number.
      3. Of, involving, or being an imaginary number.
      1. Based on or existing only in fantasy; unreal:
      2. Strange or fanciful in form, conception, or appearance:
      3. Unrealistic; irrational:
      1. Created in the fancy; imaginary or unreal:
      2. Tending to indulge in fancy:
      3. Showing invention or whimsy in design; imaginative.
      1. Of or relating to concepts or mental conception:
      2. Of or relating to conceptualism.
      1. Highly improbable or illusory:
      1. Relating to or being an organism or substance that is a chimera:
      2. Relating to a monoclonal antibody produced from the cells of an organism, usually a mouse, in which the constant region has been replaced with a human sequence of amino acids. This is done in the laboratory by replacing part of the DNA sequence in the nonhuman cells of an organism with a sequence of human DNA.
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  3. Following no predictable pattern

  4. So remarkable as to elicit disbelief

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  5. Conceived or done with no reference to reality or common sense

  6. Consisting or suggestive of fiction

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  7. Particularly excellent