Sentence Examples

  • Wood and Manson have known each since he asked her to take part in his film project Phantasmagoria: The Vision of Lewis Carroll, a horror film, naturally.
  • Totally desperate to get that old copy of Phantasmagoria fixed but you've tried everything?
  • But in 1995, they decided to hit the Interactive Horror market with Phantasmagoria.
  • Besides, how cool is the word 'Phantasmagoria'?
  • Alice was followed (in the "Lewis Carroll" series) by Phantasmagoria, in 1869; Through the Looking-Glass, in 1871; The Hunting of the Snark (1876); Rhyme and Reason (1883); A Tangled Tale (1885); and Sylvie and Bruno (in two parts, 1889 and 1893).