Sentence Examples

  • The main theme of "Voicebox," the long fictional narrative in the middle of the book, is communication.
  • On the other hand, countless movies and novels presented fictional future worlds where progress in the field of robotics had advanced so far that robots actually became equals with humans - with all of the same rights and privileges.
  • While Tolkien is attributed with writing several languages as part of developing his fictional worlds, the Elvish languages developed for his stories includes basic terminology and are not a languages with large or complex vocabularies.
  • A departure from the more linear format of the first NFSU, this second rendition allows gamers to explore a huge fictional city, complete with suburbia atop a hill, a casino district, the slums by the train tracks, and much much more.
  • There are several aspects to Wonder Woman history, including her Greek-based origin, the evolution of her fictional story throughout many decades of comic books, and what she represented to generations of young women across the world.