Sentence Examples

  • My aunt has a penchant for things that are a bit wacky.
  • Furthermore, each Carnival ship offers numerous clubs, lounges, and onboard attractions such as waterslides, multiple pools, and wacky games to entice people to join in different activities.
  • Before selecting the most appealing card, however, it is vital to consider the couple it will be given to: if they are modest and prone to formal activities, a wacky card may not strike the right tone or be as appreciated.
  • For something a little out of the ordinary, an OJ Flower Bikini with full top is daring, but adorable, while a Wacky Waikiki bikini with pull-on skirt allows you extra coverage if you want to hit the shops after swimming.
  • A humor site where you run a small community sharing pictures of beer can sculptures and wacky personals ads, it's probably quite all right to have a banana doing the Pulp Fiction dance as a way to break up the homepage.