Sentence Examples

  • Lady Gaga states that the lyrics of the song are the derivation of her own personal paranoid ideas and that the 'bad romance' speaks of her relationship with them.
  • Holiday Gaga offers a wide Victorian Valentine's divided into two categories, contemporary greeting cards manufactured from 1960 to current and vintage Valentines made before 1960.
  • Lady Gaga also highlights that much of the song is influenced by the German techno and house music scenes she encountered in Norway, Russia and Germany on tour.
  • Because Lady Gaga has natural brunette hair, getting her bright platinum blonde takes a double color process and includes pearly pink subtle hair highlights to enhance her hair's shine and gloss for an ultra healthy look.
  • Long, blunt bangs are a popular Lady Gaga style - the bangs should cover the eyebrows and be cut perfectly straight in a thick fringe, and they work best with straight, simple hair styles.