Sentence Examples

  • This has shown me that people can be quite clever in more lighthearted endeavors.
  • Asking someone to spend the rest of their lives in a committed, monogamous relationship is no lighthearted matter, and the individual asking the critical question should fully understand just what they're asking for.
  • Link Blogs and Slideshare: While Twitter is a bit too lighthearted for LinkedIn, a slideshow used in a presentation can be a great way for your connections to gain value from your presence on the site.
  • Even if you are not writing funny vows, you may want to include a few lighthearted moments to give your spouse (and guests) a moment to recover from the loving sentiments you are expressing.
  • She brought into Princess Mary's strenuous, mournful, and gloomy world a quite different atmosphere, careless, lighthearted, and self-satisfied.